Dump That House! The Ultimate Guide to Sell Your House Fast in Houston

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If you need to sell your house FAST in Houston or the surrounding areas, you’re in the right place! As real estate investors, we know a thing or two about how to sell a house fast in the Houston area.

At the time of this writing, Houston is in a seller’s market. That’s great news for Houston homeowners that need to sell their house fast. Unfortunately, even in this record-setting real estate market, the average “days on market” (DOM) for a home in Houston is 65 days, according to HAR.com.

Can’t wait that long? We’ll show you how to sell your house in days, not weeks.

Follow the tips in this article to find out how to sell your Houston house FAST!

Tip #1 – Forget FIZZBO!

If you’re serious about selling your house fast in Houston, don’t even think about trying to sell it yourself (for sale by owner – FSBO).

On average, your home will sit on the market 3 more weeks than it would if you listed it with a real estate agent.

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Without the giant marketing networks that real estate agents have access to, your house won’t get the exposure it needs to sell quickly. Besides that, FSBO comes with a host of other hassles: extra time investment, daunting paperwork, negotiating against experienced buyer’s agents…the list goes on and on.

And the reward for all the extra effort? According to statistics, you will sell your house for 25% less than you would with an agent (source: https://www.nar.realtor/research-and-statistics/quick-real-estate-statistics).

Translation: DO NOT try to sell your house yourself.

Sell Your House Fast in Houston - average DOM

NOTE: The chart above shows the average time to sell a house. Sure, it could happen faster. But, even with a great real estate agent and a hot market, the whole transaction will usually take no less than 40 days from listing to closing. If you need to sell your house MUCH faster than that, you should consider selling it to us. We will give you a cash offer within 24 hours and we can close in 7 days. Also, you won’t pay any fees and we pay all of the closing costs. Click here to receive your no-obligation cash offer.

Tip #2 – The Price is Right…Or is it?

Setting a competitive asking price is paramount if you want to sell your house fast in Houston.

If your price is too high, the house won’t sell right away. When the house doesn’t sell right away, the listing becomes stale. When the listing becomes stale, buyers lose interest because they think something must be wrong with the house. When buyers lose interest, the listing becomes even more stale…on and on it goes. It’s a vicious feedback loop that you need to avoid like the Plague if you want to sell your house fast.

The fact is, most people overvalue their own home. Don’t be one of those people if you want to sell your house fast. Use facts instead of your own opinion to price your home competitively. Use recent sales data from HAR.com to get an idea of what similar homes are selling for in your neighborhood and then price your home 10% lower.

Sell Your House Fast in Houston - HAR recent sales data

“The most enticing houses on the market are the newest [listings] and the cheapest. If you can be both, you’ll offload yours in no time at all (Barbara Corcoran – Founder of The Corcoran Group and real estate contributor to NBC’s Today Show).” For a professional opinion on setting an aggressive asking price that will allow you to sell your house quickly, contact Brighter Side Home Buyers. We would be happy to help!

Tip #3 – Home Improvement: What to Repair Before You List

Are you curious about what items you should repair to make sure your house will sell fast? Here’s the short the short answer: Don’t fix anything…lower the asking price accordingly.

Sell Your House Fast in Houston - renovation

I get it…to the seasoned HGTV watcher, that might seem absurd. Popular home improvement networks have made entire shows based around making improvements before listing a house. The idea is that repairs and improvements will give the resale value a boost and make the home more appealing to potential buyers. But, here’s a question:

Are you trying to sell your house fast or fix it up for the future owners? Because, in the time it takes you to spruce up your home, you could have sold it!

And besides that, almost any improvement you make to your home will yield a negative return on investment (ROI). For example, maybe your house has an ugly, outdated bathroom. So, you decide to give it a full remodel to make the home more appealing to potential buyers. Well, Houston homeowners paid an average of $17,320 for a mid-range bathroom remodel in 2018. Those same bathroom remodels only increased the resale value by an average of $11,697 (source: Remodeling Magazine 2018 Houston Cost vs. Value Report). So, if you decide to remodel your bathroom before you sell your home, you will be spending $5,623 to give another family a brand-new bathroom. And it’s not just bathrooms…take a look at the list below. There isn’t a single improvement that is a positive ROI!

Sell Your House Fast in Houston - CVV report

In summary, negative ROI + extra holding costs + lost opportunity time = don’t make repairs or improvements to sell your house faster!

If you are worried that your house is in such bad shape that you would struggle to sell it on the retail market, contact Brighter Side Home Buyers. We buy houses in ANY condition!

Tip #4 – Deep Clean Like You Mean It

Sell Your House Fast in Houston - deep cleaning checklistThese days, you have options when it comes to selling your house. But, if you plan on showing your house on the retail market, it needs to be CLEAN.

How clean does it need to be? Well…cleaner than you think. Potential buyers pay attention to the details. And there’s no hiding from them. They are going to snoop in all of your house’s nooks and crannies (cabinets, drawers, closets, etc.).

So, the cleanliness of your house needs to go beyond usual weekly or day-to-day cleaning jobs. This isn’t just tidying up; this is deep cleaning! You may even want to hire some professional help. Just make sure you leave no stone un-turned.

[Click here for a room-by-room deep cleaning guide.]

First, de-clutter all of your rooms and closets (consider renting a storage if you have a lot of stuff and nowhere to put it). Then, get to work! Wash the windows, inside and out. Use a pressure washer to remove the ever-present Houston black mold from driveways, sidewalks, and all other exterior surfaces. Polish kitchen and bath fixtures. Wipe down baseboards. Dust all fan blades, A/C registers, and blinds.

And after your deep cleaning is complete, it’s important to keep your house clean while it’s still on the market. Make it a habit to clean up after yourself more quickly than you would normally.

Tip #5 – Appealing to the Masses

Now that the home is clean and the clutter is gone, this last step will be much easier. You might have spent years personalizing your home, but now it’s time to spend a couple days to UN-personalize it.

Just remember, you aren’t trying to sell a house to yourself – you are trying to sell a house to everyone! And don’t take it personally, but nobody else likes your purple walls and posters with your child’s macaroni art. To sell your house quickly, you need to transform your house into a space that buyers can imagine themselves living in. That means put away the family pictures, take down the quirky art, remove personal items, and paint over all the bold-colored walls with a neutral color (i.e. – grey, beige, or off-white).

[PRO TIP: Home builders spend a lot of money on market research to determine what buyers like. Visit a few model homes to get some ideas about in vogue interior colors.]

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, selling a house fast mostly comes down to price.

Can you wait 60 – 90 days…maybe longer? If so, listing your house with a real estate agent might be the best way to go. You will probably get the highest offer that way. Just remember to factor in holding costs, commissions, and closing costs!

Do you need to sell your house faster than that? We can make you a cash offer for your home, TODAY! We buy houses in Houston and the surrounding areas. We can close on the house in 7 days if necessary, we pay the closing costs, and we don’t charge any fees or commissions.


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